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Tips for Tasting:


Raise your glass and take a moment to appreciate what you see in the beer in front of you. Examine the color, clarity and head retention of your beer. While these characteristics won’t necessarily be an indication of the beer’s quality, the look of any given beer was crafted intentionally and will always be your first impression.


About 90% of what you experience is through your sense of smell, so take three good sniffs before your first sip. Note whether it smells primarily of hops, malt, yeast or other aromatics. Malts might be sweet, smoky, toasty or nutty. Can you pick up hints of chocolate or caramel? What about the Hops? Do they smell grassy, citrusy, herbal, piney, dank, or floral?


Once that first sip hits your mouth, note the initial sensation that you get. Describe any malt, hops, fermentation byproducts, balance, finish or aftertaste and other flavor characteristics. Try tasting the beer after it warms up a bit, which will allow more flavors to emerge and become more pronounced.


Now let the beer wander around your mouth… How does it feel? Notice the body, carbonation, warmth or creaminess or other palate sensations the beer might have. 


What is your overall impression of the beer? Did it smell or taste a lot different than what you expected? Is there something in particular about it that you really liked or disliked? Would you buy it off the shelf at your local bottle shop? Remember: To each his own! What you love, someone else may not and vice versa.

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